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Dec 22, 2020
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Hello Guys,

I'm new to the form. I have started my business 3 years ago (February) and it has been gradually growing year after year, which is fantastic and I'm very honored. Although it seems that my clients have been happy with my work and have been passing my name along, I am always looking for ways to improve. (quick business background) I mostly do only commercial work, monthly assistant living cleanings mostly common areas and haul way cleanings. Occasionally I am asked to do a resident's rooms after they have moved out. Now they are generally memory care facilities where there is vast amount of stains to from bodily fluids, to cranberry stains (ughhh!!!) to coffees and jelly's stains and somethings i rather not even know. I have to strictly use portable extractors because all doors and windows need to locked at all times, so as of now a Truck Mount does not seem like an option.

I generally use a Windsor Commodore and Clipper Duo for my regular day to day stuff and a CRB and Ninja 500 for my room cleans along with the Clipper. I'm having and EXTREMELY difficult time getting "brown" stains, Cranberry, Coffee stains, as well as some grease stains from kitchen carts and a terrible water iron stain from a pipe burst. Some of these stains sit for 4-8+ weeks before I arrive on site so most of the time this stuff is embedded in these rugs.

Does anyone have any suggestions on getting these stains out? I have attached a couple of photos of my last job and stains that after 3 days later the stains came back. I have been buying all sorts of "stain releases" but nothing has worked. I did find Saiger’s Sauce Code Red to work well on the grease from the kitchen carts but I'm always open to new suggestions.


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