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Jan 25, 2015
Mississauga Canada
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Well I know in their culture cleaners are like the lowest of the caste system
Not only the cleaners but in other industries they are also unbeatable prices. Here in Ontario we have a region called Brampton and this place is known as little india. About 15-20 years ago all the well established business owners(non indians) had to sell their homes and move to different regions to operate their businesses and start all over again because of price competition hard to beat prices. The good news over the years the indian customers of mine from that region have realized that quality over price was their choice, even though they negotiate but at the end most of them still go with quality not quantity. In some calls from them they would ask me if I am an indian, then later on they would tell me that they don't want an indian to service them haha.
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Apr 9, 2014
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Wife wants to know how much theses little guys go for???

They are gorgeous!!
If you don't already know what they are then they aren't for you.

It would just end up in the pound no offense

Wayyy too much dog. They need work to do all day every day or they'll literally destroy you.

Seen it happen a thousand times when people try and get them as pets, its really sad.