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Apr 18, 2018
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Jeffrey askew
We are all plagued by the constant scammers, SEO, and 3rd parties wanting a piece of our businesses for not doing anything. Anything that a 3rd party promises you, you can do you yourself. It takes time patience and research. Make it a point to put more into your business, life, and your customers and in time no matter what your situation will improve. Short cuts are short cuts. Once in a while, they may work but there is always a cost. Anyways recently I have received 3 identical emails from similar addresses they have a plain name the some [email protected]. They all say the same thing "Hi, I need a Cleaning services in my house....Can you handle that for me.....Do you accept credit card for a payment, If you can be able to assist me....For me" and " Hi, and I hope you are doing good today:) I want to know if you do a Cleaning service, Let me know do you accept a credit card payment for the services...If this is what you do...Send me your direct cell phone number.." The very first I replied to by the numbers. after a long drawn out phone call and text conversation. They wanted to pay in advance (which is something I don't do bad karma) and they wanted to pay almost double which is highly suspicious. Never mind the fact their English was horrible definitely not a Debbie @#$#% from small-town Oklahoma. Not saying anything about immigrants of any kind I have customers that are immigrants both new and long time residents. But when you reply promptly using email no reply ever. I looked up the job on google maps (something else I highly recommend). They were pushy about paying in advance but they couldn't pay using square app they insisted I looked into getting QuickBooks.( I'm not saying quick books and other programs aren't useful but everything you pay for drives up your cost. Cleaners who charge too much for things they cant deliver gives all of us a black eye and hurts all of us. I bad carpet cleaning can turn a customer off the industry forever. Absolutely no way. All of the online accounting things are great but they should never replaced good old document records for your business. Things are always getting hacked scammed and whatever else. Anyways sorry for the business ethics rant my point is "BEWARE the promise of easy money is never easy and if something doesn't add up it doesn't add up" My number is listed on my logo, the fact i take cc payments is listed repeatedly on my website. If they can't find my number but can find my email something is definitely wrong. As far as square it has done me well for years the only card it never took was a bs card over the phone. In this day and age simple mistakes can cost you everything.