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Feb 16, 2011
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Matthew Stephenson
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United States
We have been in business for several years but to be honest we haven't done much face to face marketing, when we first started we went door to door at local businesses but not much since.

My question is how do you mentally prepare yourself, what kind of marketing materials work best, who do you talk to and what are some of the best opening lines to use?

We plan on doing a heavy marketing campaign in the New Year which will include door to door in the commercial district passing out marketing material and offering to do demo's.

I don't want to do cold calling, I myself don't trust anyone who phones since there are so many scams and that is not the image I want to project. I don't want to become a nuisance to people. I may do door hangers but I certainly don't want to bother people by knocking on doors of homes.

In any case I would appreciate any help from those who have done it.



Nov 25, 2010
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Steve Hutson
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United States
I get testimonial letters from satisfied clients and use them to make sales calls every week. It always works and they're free. I treat sales calls as information gathering sessions. Follow up good/warm calls with thank you notes or a second call in 3-4 weeks. Target accounts and execute a plan you will see results I guarantee it.