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Gustavo Rodriguez

ACE can make you a key, they copy the code from the one you already have and give you a duplicate..100 bucks..i did it with my expedition.

Allan Schuh Jr.

Once you do get the second key made its really easy to make a third yourself . I always do just in case.

Kevin Wilson

Robert Allen F350 box truck? I like where this is going. I almost bought a box truck with a truck cab instead of a van. I would love to have an extra cab, and set up the box exactly the way I wanted it. In the future, you can just move it to a new cab and chassis every few years.

Erick Dantas

Yes. They did the same thing w/ me here and I didn't buy it. Now that I see your post I'm begging to think this is a scam they are running everywhere and they for sure have extra keys there!

Dan Craig

Buy a blank key on ebay and get it programed and cut at an auto shop for much less

Andy Bufano

There are good auto locksmiths who will make the key for half what the dealer charges usually. The exception is the rare vehicles like Jaguar etc

Tom Ingram

One reason transponder keys are so expensive is because the equipment is crazy expensive to do the programming. I know that because I am a former locksmith.

Dj-Doug Scarberry

Look for a local locksmith. They can make a cheaper key especially if you can live without the electronic key fob.