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Dale Witenhafer

You might be able to ask for a valet key without the door lock and other buttons for a lot less.

Steve Mickelberg

That's high as hell. We lost a key fob for 2015 Altima dealer wanted 3 bills. I bought the fob on Amazon and took to local locksmith to program. Total cost 130.00

Paris Bayardo

Call me a sheep but with things like that I go through the dealer. If the crap hits the fan, id rather pay the 350 now then pay whatever they decided to charge after.

Michael Garrison

Dealer will tell you that just to make you go there, ace hardware can make yo. Clone key for 50 bucks

Rose Oakley

Sounds Insane . They punish you for buying their product from them . Where is the reward for buying n purchasing from that dealer . This is a another way of robbing you without a gun . By the way a good locksmith would tell you if that's true. Sorry but I have very little respect for dealers that aren't upfront with the buyers ! Sorry this happened to you . Thanks for posting giving a heads up . Now we work the key issue before the sale is signed ! :)

Cha'Ron Charles Russell

It differs geographically. Here in California some locksmiths won't touch them. Maybe that's why it can get expensive. My Son was told $650 for one key to a Jaguar.

Cha'Ron Charles Russell

Of I forgot, that's what some clients complain about when I hit the with my minimum Charge... $150 for...

Favian Paul Martinez

I sell cars and I recommend you negotiate the spare key into the deal.

Leonard D Kyles Sr.

But buy a copy key from amazon or eBay then go to hardware store for chip

Matthew Lowery

Total bs to only come with one key, even my guns come with 2 mags!!