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Robert Allen

So I picked up a really nice unique truck for my new Truckmount build but it only came with one key. Went to dealer and they said if you make a key elsewhere it will disable the vehicle. Leave it with us for 350 and we will make you a key. Now I'm not usually one to complain about pricing but dayuum 350 for one key sounds a bit high you think?

Dustin Cluff

I picked up a key from amazon for $25 and paid a locksmith $100 to program it.

Brian-Lisa Alexander

Rob check on ebay and have the key programmed elsewhere. There are places at least in my are that program keys like the dealer.

Victor C. Cantu

The fact you only get one key in the first place is ridiculous.

Matthew Dockter

That's why I like driving older vehicles. $1 at Walmart and I have a new key :)

Andrew Johnston

Youtube and Google are definitely your friends. The last time I ran into this issue, I discovered that "programming" the key isn't nearly as hard as the dealer makes it out to be!

Your mileage may vary, of course

John Fredrick

A licensed locksmith can make that key and program it for you at a better price.

David Matteson

My "New" 2011 GMC 3500 came with 1 key . The van didn't have the power locks and a new key was $45. @ True Value, and I thought that was too much. They got my money tho.

Ryan Gordon

Put an auto start on it and they'll give you 2 new key vobs with it and you'll have auto start for the same price

Brian Adams

Have an Edge limited with the same style key.... was able to program it by using the original key to crank it up, then turn it off and put in the new key and turn it on, off, on, off, on again and it programmed.... yours may program doing a different sequence of key turns, but usually all it takes