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FB So I get a "customer" call today. He lives in the neighborhood and I know him. He starts out


Steve Waite

So I get a "customer" call today. He lives in the neighborhood and I know him. He starts out telling me ten different ways he's been sending me referrals yet nobody's ever mentioned his name. Then into how he's 20k in debt for an ugly custody battle. Then finally how he wants me to clean his carpet for free. Then he mentions he needs a seam and hall kicked. I remember this guy's name more because he called corporate three years ago at the retail company I managed prior to complain that I wouldn't give him a discount. I told him after listening enough to get under my skin and he doesn't know that I know about the corporate call... "With all due respect I haven't had one referral mention your name. Also, since you're a neighbor, I would help you rebuild your fence if it blew down. That's the kind of guy I am. But just like a painter won't paint your house for free you're putting me in a position of a guilt trip. I'm already cheaper than anyone around and I have three kids and my own bills. I suggest you rent a Rug Dr for 30 since that is cheaper than my 50 minimum and rinse out the resolve you spayed in there before it ruins your carpet." I moved furniture and sucked out water for a Vietnam widower with brain cancer for free, left fans, and moved his furniture back later. I think this other guy knows it. I'm too nice a guy but gotta draw the line.

David Brewer

I cleaned for a widower 2 rooms 9 area rugs and 3 sofas and 2 love seats all for $200. Then she complained about some of the work. She didn't want lines in the carpet. I was very pissed

Jon Garrett

I did a lady’s carpet for free earlier this year. Because she claimed to not have money for Christmas and was on hard times. I explained she needed to vacuum prior to my arrival and I would be doing around the furniture and heavy things. She didn’t vacuum she insisted I move all furniture and when I didn’t she insisted I come back at a later time she then inquired after how much I usually make and I said $100 per hour merry Christmas and left lol

AmandaJeff Day

Did 5 rooms of carpet for a single mom at church as a college graduation present. Also gave her a loveseat we were trying to sell. Her van blew up soon after so I let her borrow my truck till she got it fixed. I told her it used a little oil and just keep check on it. 2 MONTHS LATER when I got my truck back, it was almost 3 quarts low. When I told her all she said was "Yikes." Then turned around and walked away. Not even a "thanks for loaning me your truck." Not to mention the Chihuahua she got right after I cleaned her carpet. The piss smell would knock you down. No more freebies from this guy.

Nick G. LeQuia

Business is business. This year our small company is not going to do any favors for people. As a human being on my own time I plan to help others often but, in the business I cannot. I have employees to support and the business to build. Anytime our company has gone out of the way to help someone, we have had negative experiences.

Matt Hamilton

We give freebies to a select few, the ones that are heads of accounts that make at least 60k a year. Then it's worth while otherwise screw them they should have to pay like everyone else in life including us. Take care of the ones that take care of you.