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Oct 24, 2013
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Stephen Beckwith
I was looking around for another vac and came across some positive consumer reviews for this one. As i sometimes vac damp carpet I wanted a bagless.
I bought one on sale (as it happens) from Canadian Tire for a cost of $249.99.
This is the best vac I have used so far. I have a pile lifter but its just too heavy for every day use. I have had a Sanitare, but was too difficult to clean. I have had a few others that were similar to the Sanitare with the same issues.
The Shark is light, easy to clean and I did a head to head with a clients Dyson just last week and she was astounded at the results. She went over the place and got about a handful of debris and dust out of the carpet. I went back over it and half filled (literally) the canister.
If you look it up, you will see the difference with the Pro and others is the larger sized canister.
I went back to the store and bought another one as a spare. I figured if i get 6 months out of it I will have done OK. well its getting on for a year now with no issues.