Sewage Main Line Back up - Labor Rates

Jul 18, 2019
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Bradford Hall
Good afternoon,

I wanted to know what other restoration companies are invoicing for Sewage Main Line Back up cleaning. I have been invoicing these sewage cleanups lately at the HMR rate and getting push back from several insurance companies. Historically, I've always invoiced as category 3, but those line items are based on WTR rates.

Xactimate's HMR rate for hazardous cleanup list in the description examples: asbestos, lead, and mold, but doesn't rule out other types of hazards. My issue is because the description doesn't include sewage, I am getting push back from several insurance companies. What I have been doing is using the normal category 3 line items and then switching the labor component from WTR to HMR. While the category 3 premium provides more, it's still based on normal water technician rates. My thoughts are that we should not be compensated the same as a cat.1 or 2 loss that sat stagnant and was upgraded to a category 3. If you are interested in reading about all the exposures your staff is exposed to while cleaning up sewage mainline backups, then check out the attached article Suggested Guidelines for Remediation of Damage from Sewage Backflow and refer to TABLE 1. DISEASE-CAUSING ORGANISMS IN SEWAGE.

I invite anyone that agrees with me to send you concerns to Xactimate at [email protected]




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