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Discussion in 'Carpet Cleaning Marketing' started by SamStewart1979, Nov 27, 2012.


  1. SamStewart1979

    Aug 20, 2012
    Birmingham, AL
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    I've been hearing alot about Service Magic (now known as Home Advisor) on the radio here in Birmingham, Alabama. I called them and the usual price is $15-$20 per lead. It costs $49 to do a background check and get on their list. Are these leads quality or are they usually bad? I'm new at this and still working a full-time job, but I'm trying to build the business enough to go full-time with it. Any other suggestions for getting business on a budget?

  2. DisasterSEO

    DisasterSEO Member

    Nov 5, 2012
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    ServiceMagic is one of the lead gen companies, and probably the cheapest. You also have LeadsByFone, which is a little more expensive but produces higher quality leads. Then you have RestorationSOS, which doesn't charge you per lead, but will charge you a pretty hefty percentage of the jobs that you get.

    The real beef I hear about the first 2 is that the leads aren't exclusive, so often people pay for leads that don't amount to jobs. But I hear mixed reviews. I've got some clients that still use them. These can serve as a band-aid fix for quick cash, if they pan out. Lead gen companies can certainly be incorporated as part of your new business development, but you shouldn't rely on them to bring you business.
  3. Hygienic Cleaning Services

    Nov 28, 2012
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    I used them for over a year. I have been getting quite a few leads from them but most of them weren't good. Like lots of price shoppers and cheap costumers. One thing you have to understand is that soon as they send you a lead you pay for it, and its your responsibility to contact a lead and get a job. You get a job or don't they charge you. Also another catch, if you have competition that uses magic service in your area, they will get same lead and then game begins who's first. So if you decide to go with it make sure all leads go to your cell phone number by text messages, soon as you get it you have about 30 seconds to contact your lead or someone else may jump ahead of you. So there is a lot of tricks. Good luck
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  4. whoises1

    whoises1 Well-Known Member

    Dec 30, 2010
    carpet cleaning business owner
    203 n wilson ave jefferson, wisconsin
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    I use it I like it but I have a lot of good reviews and that helps I get maybe 3-6 jobs per month the only down side you have to pay for lead whether you get the job or not it's got it's pros and cons but it can't hurt to give it a try. My only word of advice pick up the phone quick because the quickest person usually gets the job

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  5. Mrs.SpeedySteamer

    Mrs.SpeedySteamer Moderator ~ And Most Awesome Member
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    Apr 26, 2012
    Business Branding
    Somewhere over the Rainbow
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    We were with ServiceMagic in the beginning, and recently signed up for a month to see how it would go. They wanted us to pay to start, LOL, all I have to say is negotiate.

    Anyway, here is the major problem we had with ServiceMagic. You have to pay for the Leads no matter what. They don't have any way of setting a minimum service. Most of the people that contacted us wanted one room, we have a $85 minimum. Pretty hard for the price shoppers to choke down $85 for one room, I did sell it though (yes I'm tooting my own horn).

    Like so many other things out on the market it depends on your area. Servicemagic isn't good for us because it is mainly price shoppers that we have to pay for. I can post more ads on Craigslist and receive more calls on Craigslist, and that is free. And you'll still receive similar people.

    When I cancelled with them, I stressed they need to make this an option for their carpet cleaning merchants to have a price minimum or room minimum. If a potential customer doesn't meet that minimum then they don't get sent to that particular carpet cleaner. Not a lot of people in our area know what servicemagic is. They told us before I cancelled that they are going to start doing television sometime early next year, and that I should get on while the getting is good. :rolleyes:
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