SEO and Google


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Nov 4, 2020
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Matthew Olive
Thanks. I checked out your website and your Google My Business Profile. Do you have time on Saturday, or next week for a 15 minute phone call? My sister company OBS Communications can probably help you get more organic leads and rank better in Bakersfield.


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Oct 22, 2021
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Marty Scottsdale
Any one know of some one or company that optimizes websites and does SEO, Google, Social Media? I need to get my website ranking better. I tried to do it myself but I'm just to busy.
At first glance, something i'd work on is the overall pagespeed.

Your site looks and feels alright scrolling through it, but the loading times on some pages is a tad slower than it could be.

Try something as simple as adding a loading="lazy" tag to all your images if you haven't already.

I'd definitely get someone proffesional to help you if i were you, especially if you feel you dont have enough time on your hands, just make sure they don't rip you off ;)