Selling the company or the equipment?


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Mar 2, 2022
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Matthew Weber
I've only been running a year, but went and blew out my back (for good, this time). I've got someone running it for me right now, but it's really set up as a one-man gig and the leftover after having an employee's not really worth it. Anyways, I know for this size operation it almost always makes sense to just sell the equipment, but in recurring restaurants alone I get $40,000/year, and that's really all I've been doing the last couple months when my back started to go before it fell apart altogether. There's no contracts, however. I feel like there's value there and it seems a shame to see it just disappear to the big guys who'll pick it up. I know I would have liked a "guaranteed" $40k/yr starting out (yeah, I know nothing's guaranteed, but it's pretty solid). I run a 1-year-old 370SS truckmount out of a trailer in Colorado Springs/Denver, for what it's worth.

So, sell of the equipment, or the company (basically the equipment and those restaurants).
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