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Seeking advice on first-time truckmount purchase.

Jun 20, 2017
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Nicholas Bokas
I'm ready to take the plunge & add my first truckmount. I plan to buy used, and I've found a couple appealing options on the JonDon used listings (these listings are attached). I've heard good things about the Butler units, and I also know that the El Diablo machines are good products. If there are other website platforms I should be aware of, I'd love to hear about them. I'm eager to hear any & all feedback from experienced TM owners. Thanks in advance!



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Nov 12, 2016
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Boris Johnson
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United States
Here's the thing - in all honesty; the quality of a Butler vs a Hydramaster vs a Sapphire vs a ProChem is somewhat minimal.

What is more important is what service department is located NEAR you. There is a Jon Don 20 minutes from me - they mostly support the Sapphire Scientific line so I bought a SS Apex 570.

Why? Because its easier for them to work on, they know the machine, they have the spare parts, if I have a problem they will most likely help me right a way because I bought from them and its easier for them to work on.

That's my advice. Otherwise, all TM's do the same thing, Squirt and Suck.

Personally I prefer slide-ins over PTO units, many owners will verify their slide-in will outlast 2-3 vans and it is easier to remove a slide-in and re-install in a new van if you get in an accident etc.
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