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Nov 12, 2016
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A 2 part thread about my experience with House Call Pro (HCP) and a general scheduling issue.

Switched over to HCP after this company has used Camelot for 15 years. Initial impressions:

*Sleek & Professional Looking
*Invoicing is easy
*Online Ordering is great
*Customers seem to love the scheduling/notifications
*Web & Mobile App

*Cannot set individual technician schedules
*Schedule doesn't show routes or open time slots - just the standard time set for your business
*KPI reports only included in the Premium package
*Reports not capable of showing upsells/additional services for technicians
*Cannot create "territories" for efficient other words drive time between jobs may be longer due to the scheduling aspect

So initial impression is I think this would be a great software for a single operator or maybe up to 2-4 total. Beyond that, I feel it will become messy and diminishing returns.

Second part to the thread is, due to the fact I can't set individual schedules I've now put everyone on the same schedule.

Thoughts and opinions on doing so? We currently run 5 vans in the field. Used to be they had alternating schedules but now they will need a set schedule to maximize what HCP does.

Here's a screenshot of this coming week's schedule to show you what I mean about lack of routes, the jobs don't stack properly based on the technician.



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