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Nov 22, 2011
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  • True chemical optical brighteners, the kind that absorb UV light and fluoresce are bad for carpet and may be linked to health problems for some people.
  • True optical brighteners will void the warranty of most carpet.
  • Oxygen boosters are sometimes referred to as optical brighteners. Oxygen boosters are in many products. They do help brighten colors and whiten whites. They are different from the chemical optical brighteners.
  • Major manufacturers of carpet cleaning products would not use chemical optical brighteners. They once may have, but have not for many years.
  • Off brand products, sold over the counter for consumers and in some janitorial supply houses sometimes do use optical brighteners. It is good to be aware of that and avoid them. Rob did well in bringing this issue to wider public attention.
  • No Harvard chemical products currently use optical brighteners. Some contain oxygen boosters, which they called optical brighteners in their promotional copy. This is a main reason for some of the confusion. They have removed that wording to help avoid future confusion.
  • Mark Saiger helped develop a good product that he promotes. He is a competitor to Bridgepoint and to TMF. But he is still a nice guy. I consider him a friend.
  • Rob Allen helped develop some great products as well. In some cases Bridgepoint's formulator, Tom Forsythe worked with Rob and TMF to develop these products. At one time that was a secret. But since Rob mentioned it before I did, I guess it is not a secret any more.
  • There is plenty of business for everyone. That goes for carpet cleaning and chemical sales. No need for anyone to hate on their competitors. Just make better products and the market place will come your way. Some of my best friends are competitors. I even enjoy visiting with Steve Toburen and Rick Gelinas when we are at the same events.


No, Cobbs is an oxidizer. Probably Sodium percarbonate. Some companies use the word "brightener" or "color safe bleach" when they use oxidizers.
Not a smart thing to do because of the Warrantee issue Scott mentioned. Once you write it on the label that means it contains it (legally) even if it physically does not.
Now, for one to say or suggest that a particular product contains an ingredient that can potentially damage carpets, It would be nice to provide the name of the ingredient or ingredients that were physically found on that particular product that are known to be optical brighteners and describe with factual proof why, how and when many carpets or textiles have been damaged by the product.

It would be nice to say for example this product contains a XX% of stilbenedisulfonic acid which is an optical brightener and can potentially create permanent irreversible discoloration on textiles. etc etc.

just because the words "optical brightener" are written on a label or online description of the product does not mean the manufacturer refers to actual "optical brighteners" if that makes sense.

Absolutely, same as some of the other products pictures shown by Rob previously. I agree with you 100%......
Substancial factual proof presented or stop suggesting that a product is bad.

I won that grout master last year an for that I’m thankful.
As you can see from the picture, I have never used it. I have my factual proven reasons as to why is not a product for me but it does not mean my preferences apply to everyone. I Have never ever attempted to put the product down nor Is my intention with that picture. It is just intended to illustrate that almost anything can fluoresce under the black light.

Live and let live brother there is space in this market for everyone specially when you are the leading brand.

We shall have a beer in two months Canadian!!

On me this time.

No offense intended simple illustration. And for the record, I would not compare my knowledge with Scott's ever. I learned the little I know from him and other people who carry the same experience.

We may all get along some day. I hope