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Sales Compensation


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Dec 14, 2015
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Travis Hozmer
Happy New Year to all. I hope your Christmas and New Year was great. I enjoyed the time off but am running at this point in sales and I hope you are too.

I'm new to the restoration business by about a year now. I was in the car business for many years and needed a change of venue and found this area interesting and challenging. I'm used to service sales as previous jobs and big ticket items daily so this change of pace has been a sharp learning curve. Over the past year I've learned about cold calling (which is ok, but still kind of hate it) but have really enjoyed developing and honing my skills with our current clients. I think I may need some more training or some direction and may pay for a JonDon training if my boss won't.

Anyway, recently my boss has offered me a commission plan that's a little vague and we are still hammering out the details. Please know that my boss/owner is more than fair and not looking to cut me out of anything. He's been the only sales person of his company and as we grow has needed to add a sales guy (me) to the equation. He's pretty old school and we don't advertise or have an advertising budget. He says that's up to me (which I don't really have a clue) so its been door to door and upselling current clients. Needless to say we are super busy and I've just closed a huge custodial account.

What are medium size companies paying their sales people as far as a commission plans goes. I'm sure floor work and custodial are different correct? Do you pay your sales people a percentage of the monthly custodial amount or one lump sum of the total yearly cost?

Any recommendations would be appreciated.