Rusty entranceway

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Nov 16, 2016
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Joe Adase
Anyone have any idea how to make this entranceway look great. I have TM hot water, spinner and CRB. what chemicals should i use? What about the run off? Should I extract the water or just let it roll into parking lot? Im afraid of staining the black top.

Scott W

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Feb 14, 2006
West Jordan, UT
Spinergy has an acid side cleaner that is pretty good on rust stains. Resuscitate.
prespray, a little dwell time, rinse with your spinner. The spinner tool should collect most of your waste water.

The rust is coming from someone. With the porous concrete, it is likely to return soon unless you eliminate the source or put several applications of sealer on the concrete or some other process (denisfy, polish etc.) to keep the rust out.

Todd the Cleaner

Todd Cottino
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Sep 4, 2011
Pahrump, Nevada, United States
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Todd Cottino
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United States
I've never had much luck removing rust from concrete. The problem is with the concrete being so porous that staining is not just sitting on top but has penetrated down into the concrete. If you were to cut a piece of concrete out of those pictures you posted I bet you would be able to see that stain goes inches deep into the concrete.

You might go test a couple things out. I’d do these tests each on a 1 square foot area.

First try some tile cleaner on it. I’m guessing this won’t touch it but try anyway just in case.

Then try spraying some peroxide on it. It might be best to soak a towel with some USR and set it on the concrete then cover the wet towel with some plastic that you tape down to the concrete. Leave this overnight and check back the next morning. If the staining happens to be organic instead of rust this may possibly remove the stain. If this works I’ll tell you how to make a poultice mix you can apply on a large scale to do the job.

Next you can move to rust remover. Being such a large area this will be expensive to use on a large scale basis. Rust remover will also start to break down the concrete making it even more porous which will cause rapid resoiling and be harder to clean next time. If at all possible I would avoid this route.

When it comes down to it the answer may be to cover up the staining instead of trying to remove it. They can call a company such as Pebble-Tech to come put a coating on the concrete. I honestly think this will be a better long term solution for them.
May 15, 2016
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Corey Bayliss
That staining looks very strange....
On the first pic with the yellow flower pots. The staining is also half way up the post on the building, next to where the welcome and opening hours are. What’s it doing up there? Staining looks like its coming from both those flower pots...almost like someone left the hose in it and forgot to turn it off...get a water hose and try to replicate that spill pattern down the path! Looks like it’s on the blacktop too...and is that a Tyre rub mark thats wiped the stain clean off? Strange that the stain is over the crack/chip in the kerb but then wiped clean by a Tyre over the top....

Second pic with the blue shirt man next to the grassy knoll...what’s with those 3 white spots along the edge of the path? Why are they different to the rest of the path. And for the staining to be on the tops of the kerbs rather on the verticals, means it’s something that’s been poured on and run off, the staining is also on the walls of that building behind the row of bushes, even on the Alu window frame....
Dec 3, 2012
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United States
That looks like spray and run off from fert being sprayed. Its on building. It runs off of stone. Curbs...
But iron deposits none the less.


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Sep 28, 2014
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Peter Dymond
Looks like iron in the irrigation system from well water. Very common here in N FL.
There are rust stain removers that p/w guys use.
Google or look at YouTube. There are p/w forums out there too.
Good luck.
My driveway and footpath are permanently stained from iron well water.