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Rug Spa - Wash Pit vs. Wash Floor


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Jan 29, 2009
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Greg Dfw
We have set up our rug spa, with a wash pit inside our shop and I'm already seeing why Lisa Wagner prefers a sloped wash floor. It's almost impossible to completely drain our pit with a pump. You end up with a half inch of water before the pump starts sucking air. I have another idea that I wanted to bounce off everyone.

We have a large gravel area in front of the shop (no concrete). What about a large deck with just enough framing to support a plywood deck. Coat everything in a marine varnish and prop one side of the deck to create a slope when needed. Rugs could be dusted, washed and extracted on this same table. If weather is bad, we can go back inside to the pondliner/pvc wash pit. Rugs would be dried on our drying racks that are basically a DIY version of the rug badger racks. Any thoughts on the wood slanted deck or construction? This seems like a cheap, easy wash floor.

Rick J

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Jan 12, 2010
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rick jones
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Could you not set that same platform up with the slight slope in the shop as well and put the pit on it. , Or would it slide off.? I would not think the slope would have to be very severe.