Residue in new carpet


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Nov 21, 2020
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Ted Didlio
Hello, carpet newbie here.

I've just had a new carpet installed--a plush polyethylene twist pile. Within a couple of hours I noticed there is a residue in the fibres which rubs off and makes feet feel sweaty, clammy and slightly sticky. The residue is white and hazy in appearance. It rubs off on our kitchen tiles and smears can be seen in the reflection of overhead lights.

Any ideas what this residue is and how to attempt removing it? I am worried about overwetting or over agitating the brand new carpet.

In desperation I rushed out and got a Bissell washer and tried the following on patches of leftover offcuts:

1. Multiple rinses with plain warm water
2. Various brands of shampoo
3. Emulsifying acid rinse
4. White vinegar
5. 60% ethanol spray
6. Dish soap at 10:1 dilution
7. Talcum powder
8. Cornstarch

None of the above seem to work sufficiently. What does work though is rinsing a patch of carpet under running water for 30 seconds. Once dry there is absolutely no residue coming out, but the fibres feel more rough and bristly.

In light of this I was thinking maybe it just needs a thorough rinse, but then I'm concerned about overwetting.

What should I do?