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Ever noticed your waste water foaming up like there's a lot of soap in it and the customer said it was new six months ago and never had anything on it?
It's the garbage detergent based and optical brighteners riddled inferior cleaners you were using before TMF changed all dat!

Rob Allen III

proof is in the pudding guys, they are trying to remove it in descriptions on numerous websites... steer clear from products that have optical brighteners - they tried to hide it but its still listed on numerous websites including the saigers sauce manufactures website.

John Confer

I am in a navy town. I do 90% move outs. Property managers here only accept T.M. hot water extraction by professional. A used Yugo with a "flood bucket" and a box of Tide wont cut it around here. Good luck with that!
In a related subject...
When I first heard of people using laundry detergents for CC, I thought it a bunch of crap. Still there are ignorant people on YouTube telling other about their “secret” for DIY CC. I’d like to combat this ignorance with facts. In plain terms, what exactly are the reasons why laundry detergent should not be used on carpets. Thanks.

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