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Robert Allen

Recently I was challenged by a member who uses laundry detergent to clean carpets as to why TMF products are better. Usually I don’t respond but for sake of newer professionals I will. Especially after my top 50 prespray testing revealed dated laundry ingredients in some brands. Many also had OB’s. If you don’t know what OB’s are and the problems they pose then I highly recommend you read the accompanying link.

To address his 1st question. What sets TMF chemical apart?

1-Quality of active ingredients.
2-Quantity active ingredients.
3-Entire line synergistic
4-Proprietary ingredients
5-Each field tested for a year
6-Continuously tweaked
7-Consistent quality
8-Safer chemistry
9-No optical brighteners
10-Non resoiling

Procuring results from a single test is not an optimal testing protocol. Proper testing is using a product under different surfaces, soil loads and soil types. Anything less is strictly hypothetical. It is why we field test ours for a minimum of one year. I use my local multi Truck company to test all products. I send the formulations out with each tech and get in field feedback. Lab feedback is not an accurate test of what we run into on a day to day basis.

Laundry chemistry has been proven to have detrimental effect on carpets, animals and humans. They resoil quickly, leave permanent damage and leave you open to liability for not using it on proper applications. Why expose your company to such liability?

Lastly, I took 90 days gathering all the top 50 presprays in our industry and tested each one. I found many were similar containing low quality ingredients, poor consistency and low amounts of expensive active ingredients.

However what made me most concerned was the use by some of OB’s. Optical brighteners, like in laundry detergents dupe unsuspecting cleaners into believing that a chemistry works when it does not. It’s a hack mentality. A true disservice to the industry and the general public.

Here is an article I recently wrote on laundry detergent. Having knowledge sets you apart from hacks and helps you gain clients trust. You can also refute the use of sub par chemistry while explaining to clients the dangers of improper cleaning solutions. Very important. Click the link and enjoy the article.
It difficult to respond to a guy who uses Grout master 1 time on old tile and grout walls then questions the quality of Grout Master. Especially when they are using a cleaning machine with no hot water.

Post like his are old, tiresome and show its not a serious post.

Cross Quinton Cates

He obviously just wants to stir the shit pot. I have used tmf products i have used sauger products I've even used prochem and to each their own on chemicals. My thought is if it works so well for you and it's loads cheaper why would you tell everyone about it unless to start unnecessary drama. That's like the guys that say I'm gonna leave, go use the leave group button bye. This group is for learning and Robert Allen has even said if we aren't satisfied call him and he will refund money or make it right. Can't make everyone happy I guess....

Anthony Castro

Question rob Allen who makes your chems that's important or do you buy your own materials and make your own? Or do you private label from Harvard !kärcher interlink ??
Or is that being to nosey

Mike Dillow

I used to just use zep or other so labeled commercial carpet products and I'm finding myself having issues with my blends and mixes I want to learn but I'm not going to pay to learn how I should be using products that sellers or the manufacturers want me to buy it seems like it was so much nicer when I was oblivious to the difference however I want to see the same results as you guys post without having to work as hard as we do. Any advice

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