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Mar 10, 2012
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Anybody know about Saphire Scientifics entry level Rage truckmount?
Feb 6, 2009
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shawn fisher
Your best bet is to do your own homework. I expect most manufacturers will have folks who love em and those who hate em. Take my titan 875. I layed out a good buck on that machine expecting to get what i paid for. Thus far i'm happy. But only I use it, and none of my employees go near it. However, there is another guy on TMF who has had nothing but problems. I'm sure he's pretty dis-illusioned at this point and these are 30k pieces of equipment. All i can say is really do YOUR homework. one guy can say they're great while another will say it's trash as in my titan example. But whatever you do, get everything in writing. All the warranty info, etc. Don't take any promises verbally, be certain there aren't any loopholes that lets them off the hook in various situations. It's your buck and for that moment, at the time of sale, they work for you.
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