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Richard Trevino

There was a cleaning challenge between HWE and VLM. I cringed when I watch it. The demo area was a an entryway of the back of the hotel that was neglected. The cleaning steps were rushed and some not even performed. Leaning on their truckmounts they got spanked by a garage made VLM unit thats priced at 8500. 8500? Really? I wish I could have taken my laser made 4200 dollar Hos Orbot Sprayborg VLM beast but of course it was not allowed because it was with me. So what were the results? The next day I snapped a pic. They both looked worse than the results that both methods produced the day before. However as I suspected the VLM side still looked noticeably better. As most know I am a strong proponent of VLM for CGD. Really, a combo or use of both nets best results. The only way HWE could have won was if more cleaning steps were implemented and much more time spent on the cleaning steps. It seemed they just leaned on the power of their big trucks and mixture of 10 chems in a sprayer to try and nuke it. That doesn’t work, esp on thrashed CGD! They ended up spending triple the time than the VLM guys netting poor results and even came back the next day and spent about 2 more hours trying to get it up to par. It didn’t work. Proper steps cannot be eliminated. While watching I didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. It was sad because it was more of a male measuring contest than a cleaning comparison challenge. I know I will take hits for saying this. Other forums have taken down the videos and pictures to hide the results. The good ole boy club is alive and well.
It really is a shame that a operator of a bulletin board makes comments that are so ridiculous. Plus the runtime of the Eracer on its side of the contest was under 2 minutes, the HWE die varied from 30-45 min and they worked on their sides for two hours the next day, but they also intentionally HWE the encapped sides to screw up the results, as they didn't even complete the encap process by vacuuming it first. Yes the Eracer is $8495.00, no apologies from this side the fence. Ashley McKendrie made $2008.00 an hour cleaning at Lexmark with it, it was faster than his 3 Orbots and 2 Cimex's all together, plus he used approx. 1/3 the cleaning product as he would have using all the other machines together, PLUS he didn't have to pay 4 other people to help him. Ashley also is the guy who bought two Grumpy's on a Friday nite (11,000.00) and by Friday had made $11,214 with them. Lack of understanding is no call to make slams about others equipment, I expect that here because Rob sells the Orbot,however what he does not understand is that the Trinities are not only many times faster, but they are quieter and smoother than the Orbot (with our old 1974" counterbalance on it. Orbot built a great frame, but didn't upgrade his counterbalance at all. They added larger motors, but did not increase the speed. Orbot has no patents, simply because there was nothing to patent, we have three and have another one applied for, one doesn't spend 20k on each patent if it doesn't mean anything. The Eracer is the only machine in the industry that offers 3700 OPM's, 100 RPM's, 1850 TPM's. It oscillates side to side 1.125 inches, causing it to clean at 5 times the Orbot, which costing $4200.00 you would need to have 5 of them, plus hire 4 people to operate them to match it, plus even at that rate the Orbot is NOT designed to straight encap as it CAN NOT strip the fibers clean to its pristine state. The Eracer has a 3 phase stainless steel washdown 2HP motor with a very expensive invertor that will allow that machine to run all over the world, whether they have 80v/50hz or 260v 50hz or 90v/60hz or whatever current they have the ERacer will run consistently at 220v/60hz. Compare that to a 200 some dollar motor on the Orbot, plus even all the other Trinity machines have 1 HP motors that run at 5.5 AMP not 12-14 amps like the Orbot. So please LEARN before you go shooting your mouth off. Small 3/8 orbits are STANDARD on all Op or orbital machines other than the TRINITY'S. That is why all of them (other than headweight) clean the same. For example the MX costs the same as the orbot yet cleans twice as fast PLUS can straight encap which the Orbot CAN NOT do.
They must have dropped the price. At ICE that thing was $10,500. Has the 220 converter box on it, right?
It has always been $8495.00.
I'm not saying the machines don't work. I've used Damon's $4,000 Orbot too. I just think 4K - 8K is a little high for a scrubber that probably costs $500 to manufacture especially when you can achieve similar results using a 175 that you can buy new for $600.
The invertor and motor alone cost about twice that Todd, at least be real dude. Results are NOT even close to comparable, be at Ice, challenge me, we will do whatever carpet you want and test against it, loser buys the Porterhouse steak....LOL.
Not with the machine. But the builder thinks it's blessed by god.
Seriously? Grow up man. Sure you will probably delete this as advertising, even though I am just responding to a ton of your lies, so I will keep this post and post it all over to show your lack of understanding and how biased you are about a machine you sell while tearing down what is FAR superior. Thought this forum was to HELP cleaners, NOT LIE TO THEM.
The Eracer oscillating pad garage made machine that won the clean off has a retail cost of 8500.00. Talk about insanity. Double the price of the Hos Orbot Sprayborg and half the quality and versatility.
Oh BTW, the ERacer is laser made as well, you might want to at least examine before posting your trash talk. IT would cost $29,000 to buy the Sprayborgs to do the SAME AMOUNT OF WORK, plus you would have to hire 4 more people, so are your comment a male measuring contest or do you want facts? ROI is King... figure it out. Trinity users know, other opinion-ate, some just flat out lie. You're turn Rob let's keep this going.

Robert Allen

He is weird. I went back and read my original post. It said "I wish I could have taken my machine out but it wasn't allowed". Also I said it spanked the HWE. No where did I lie. He apparently has some serious insecurities and overcompensated by ranting like a madman. His machine "may" be better but he a freak. That big ogre reminds me of a bully I went to high school with. He slapped me once because i was beating him in basketball. So I threw my ball at him and he charged me like a bull. I proceeded to kick him in his nuts and knocked his teeth out. He never bothered me again. I am not afraid of bullies because deep inside they are cowards.