FB Question which do you prefer truck mount or portable for just starting out?

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Cody G

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May 8, 2018
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Cody Gibson
We started off with. Whittaker CRB, Jaguar ETM that we swapped out for a Nautilus and we haven't looked back.
Why did you switch from a Jaguar to a Nautilus? I am looking at both of those. I am new to the business and have lined up some commercial t&g accounts and need to get a porty right away. The only concern I have on the Jaguar for t&g is the 1gpm pump out. I think the apo would be ok on smaller areas like the bathrooms I have set up but not sure if I do 1000 sft if it would slow me down. I am ok with the 800 max psi and I like the weight of 107 lbs. If I went with the Nautilus it would be the 1200 psi unit. From all my research I like the indurance of the Jaguar. What is your opinion of the Nautilus quality?