FB Question which do you prefer truck mount or portable for just starting out?

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Randall Evans Sr.

I have a TM for sale has 1025 hours on unit dual wand system with pump out unit, 2006 Chevy 2500 series. New tires put on last week. Will consider driving it to you. 17,000

Dan Deschamp

Run a portable for a year or 2. You pay your dues with a portable. Buying a cheepass truckmount will only give you problems. I used a ninja 2 years and still have it. I’m now going into my second year on a el Diablo. Starting out with a portable will make you a better cleaner faster then the lazy hacks that buy crappie truckmounts and call themselves professional cleaners. I can do better work with my portable then most hacks running truckmounts. N

Jerome Kinsey Crawford

Yes I've been in the field for 5 years I am looking to get llc certified I've bin around different companies learning the trate I am tired of being shot down for my ideas/experience I believe I am ready to branch out and make a name for myself in the industry