Quarry tile sealer

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Mar 8, 2019
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I have around 5000sq-ft of very bad quarry tile to clean in a school kitchen. I have done a test area and figured out how to get it clean but they are wanting a sealer to help improve the look and make it easier to clean. Anyone have experience with sealing quarry tile and what is the best sealer to use. Thanks

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Feb 14, 2006
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A true sealer would penetrate the pores of the tile and make it easier to remove stains when cleaning time comes.

A product that does anything to change the appearance of quarry tile would be a topical finish that leaves a layer of finish on top of the tile. This can make the floor significantly more slippery. Not advisable for any kitchen area. It opens the school and the contractor who applies such a finish to a lot of liability when (not if) someone has a slip and fall accident.


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Sep 28, 2014
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You never want to seal a quarry tile floor in a kitchen.
By design it's supposed to absorb water during use and then dry out overnight.
This is to prevent slip and fall hazards.
I would advise not sealing the tile at all.
Liability for injuries is a real concern.