Quad Mytee LX setup help.


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Mar 15, 2010
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Mark Donaldson
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I have two lx dual air hogs and a 12000 watt generator. Would I get more CFM and lift if I ran a Y connector to both of them?

Theoretically what type of lift and CFM would I be looking at?

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Jan 18, 2019
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David VanderMeer
I recently used a Y splitter on my Vortex which has similar specs to airhog.
I ran 165' hose run and decided to mate with an older Nobles but the Nobles had a newer(<90hr) 3 stage motor. I figured I was going to get an extra 75-90cfm. Initially it felt very strong as if I had only 75'
My mistake was not getting an official carpet hose splitter(definitely get2") as I didn't have on truck so used 1.5" pvc that doesn't have as long of shape causing inconsistent recovery. The second mistake was pairing them side by side thus creating a velocity storm. After about 45minutes I checked on the Vortex and noticed it wasn't pumping out like it usually does I completely ignored the nobles then 15minutes later went back and as I walked around Nobles felt a breeze of strong air coming out the side of waste tank. I shut it down and found a 14" hairline fracture of nobles!
I believe Vac Boosters are always best to run at least 50-100' apart. Mind you I didn't have an equal pairing or the best splitter(and thankfully nobles took the force and not Vortex) but if your pairing up two 60lb machines with that power understand it could go bad.
Mytee informs users to run at least 50' of hose before adding booster. With Vortex I only feel a slight drop after 120' so the idea of pairing instead of linking makes no sense especially with damage from velocity at pairing. Long winded yes and with faulty variables but from that experience even if I had an Air Hog with LX I would only hookup at 50+ feet.