Proper cleaning of flex systems & attic air handlers


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Aug 12, 2017
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Hello! First time poster here... I am very grateful to the community as I have been reading many threads over the last few weeks.

My small business is considering adding duct and dryer vent cleaning to our services. Quality is extremely important to us. Originally, we were considering RotoBrush or RamAir but after research we are now leaning toward negative air machines-- specifically considering the Nikro PDU4000.

In Phoenix, we have a lot of homes with 100% flex duct systems. This means that even the main supply trunk is flex. Lots of Y connections with differing diameters of flex. Not ideal, we know!

In addition, a majority of air handlers are located in an accessible (yet cramped) attic. Most units have sheet metal plenums attached to the return and supply sides... but there is often no space to cut a 8" or 12" round for our negative air.

I've decided that we could either depressurize at the supply and return closest to the system and protect the coil with a zone bag... but open to other ideas from the community.

My main question: What's the best method to clean flex duct systems with attic mounted air handlers?

A few notes: We want to do it right way and are willing to spend extra time if needed. We are not willing to do anything that may spread dust into the client's home.

Our budget is around $10-15K for equipment costs (vehicle is separate). Beyond that price range, we probably cannot afford to pursue at this time.

Thanks in advance for your time and expertise.

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Jan 18, 2011
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Crickets!! lol

Bumping this, since I'm researching to add duct cleaning to my business in Florida.
Similar duct systems as Arizona I surmise.

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