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prochem performer 405 parts

Dr Rugsnstone

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Jul 25, 2015
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James Reese
In order to get parts for my performer I have two questions.
Does anyone know which forklift has the a15 most like what the performer?
What is the best year B210 to use when getting parts from O'Reilly?


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Oct 15, 2014
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zamir mejia
I have 2 405's with a12s but no idea on which forklift had the engines. I'm sure there's a list of models and engines online somewhere. As far as what year for the B210 I'd just go with the latest year. I think rockauto has better selection on those parts than o'reilly an pictures you can compare to. Auto parts never seem to have anything in stock and have to order and then get you wrong part or the people there don't even want to try and put the effort into helping you. One time I got air filter in a box that looked like it was an antique item....I almost bought it just cuz how old box was