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Stacey Ristow

Prochem Performer 405 In GMC Cube Van $35,000 - Saint Joseph, Michigan Here's a rare chance to own a very custom built cleaning system that can do it all very efficiently and make you a lot of money. This entire truck and cleaning system was built by a certified mechanic for Prochem and Sapphire Scientific with over 31 years in the industry. The truck mount: 2106 HOURS *A customized Prochem Performer 405, one of the best built units ever made. The legendary Nissan four cylinder industrial engine drives this unit and is very fuel efficient and long lasting (I have seen these engines run over 30,000 hours without a rebuild). Four years ago this unit was torn down for a complete, every nut and bolt restoration. Every single component and hose was replaced or rebuilt. The engine was taken down without disassembling the engine internals, which were visually inspected and compression was tested, and was still in brand new specifications. All external engine parts were replaced (oil and water pumps, starter, alternator, distributor cap, rotor, plugs, wires, gaskets, thermostat, and coil were replaced). Valves adjusted and the engine was repainted. *Everything has been powder coated. *The unit sits on top of a custom built stainless steel 120 gallon fresh water tank. *The waste tank was enlarged to 120 gallons at shut off with marine grade aluminum. *All new factory parts and hoses were used including the engine governor. *New blower heat exchangers (2). *Both engine heat exchangers were disassembled, cleaned, inspected, powder coated, and resealed. *Full set of Autometer gauges including tach, oil, water, and voltmeter. *5 micron sediment filter. *Kinetico twin tank water softener that provides a constant flow of soft and clean water. This unit automatically regenerates and all the user has to do is keep salt in the brine tank. This is a $3,500.00 unit and is the best in the industry. *Custom made all stainless steel exhaust *Surflow all stainless steel transfer pump system. *High performance Prochem external pump out. *300' Rokan full electric powered reel. *300 Rokan static solution reel. *200' industrial live solution hose fill reel. *23' wall mount reel for pump out hose. *Custom steel shelving that holds tons of chemical and supplies. *(2) hand built shelves for blowers. *Custom mounting for rakes, brushes, pressure gun, 4x4 pads, blocks, (2) wands, tile spinner, power stretcher, hydro-force and metal carpet strips. *(2) 15-gallon chemical tanks gives you 30 gallon capacity for huge jobs. *Inside and outside flood light array. *20,000 BTU heat unit in box powered by the truck to provide heat in the box while driving. *Engine has only had Amsoil signature series oil and has large capacity remote full flow and by-pass oil filter system. This Amsoil unit adds two quarts of engine oil and filters down to 2-microns. *Comes with 100' of 2" and 150' of 2 1/2" Vacuum hose, a quad jet Prochem wand, a Y connector (for four to the door) and 250' of solution hose. *Holds a ton of restoration equipment and has room to carry everything you need for any type of cleaning and restoration. You never have to drive back to the shop because you need something, it all on your mobile cleaning unit. *This machine has incredible vacuum utilizing 4-to-the-door and 2 1/2" hose to the wand. Very dual wand capable! *Will maintain 240F with one wand and 230F with a RX-20. *Burns about 1 gallon of fuel per hour on normal speed and 1.4 GPH on high for dual wand. *Has an extra non-injected solution outlet for a hydro-force. This is used on commercial jobs where one person can be pre-spraying while two others can be extracting for high production rates. Truck: 113,700 MILES Don't let the miles scare you. Over the last four years all wear items have been replaced. New items and upgrades: *Prior to any equipment being mounted in the box a second layer 3/4" of marine grade plywood decking was installed, glued and screwed to provide 1-1/2" floor for a super soild deck for safety. *Line-X brand coating was applied over the floor and 6" up the walls. *Rear air-ride system with wireless remote control (by Air Lift Systems). *5' side door professionally installed. *Aluminum entry ladder for the side door. *All new brakes-rotors, calipers, and pads. *Front wheel bearings *All front end parts: ball joints, tie rods, idler arm, etc... *New heavy duty front springs. *Transmission and rear diff. have had only Amsoil synthetic fluids. *Engine has new drive belt, spark plugs and wires, and compression was tested to be in like new specifications. *Engine has only had Amsoil signature series oil and has a large external by-pass oil filter system. This unit adds over 1-quart of oil capacity and filters down to 2-microns. *Electric brake controller and trailer hitch. *Stainless steel wheel covers. *Almost brand new Michelin tires. *AM/FM, CD, stereo system with USB hook-up. *Complete underside of the truck and box have been rustproofed. *No rust, truck body is in excellent condition, Box is fiberglass and has a translucent roof. Everything works perfect. Does have some scatches on the rear door frame but in the paint only, no rust. THE PROCHEM UNIT AND TRANSFER PUMP COMES WITH A 90-DAY WARRANTY. TRUCK HAS BRAND NEW BATTERY WITH 5 YEAR WARRANTY!! YES THE TRUCK IS PINK! WE WILL REMOVE THE SIGNAGE WHICH IS VINYL. YOU CAN PAINT IT OR WRAP IT TO YOUR LIKING OR MAKE A BREAST CANCER SUPPORT TRUCK AND GET A LOT OF LOCAL ATTENTION. SALE COMES WITH TRAINING ON OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE OF UNIT. CALL ME WITH ANY QUESTIONS OR TO SCHEDULE A DEMO. (269) 208-5985 KENT Video description and tour...

David Levesque

Ron Sloboda checkout the custom under belly freshwater tank on this

Robert Allen

Stacey Ristow how would your husband feel about building units for TMF?

Stacey Ristow

I'm sure he would like to. PM me and I'll hook you two up. He's a one of a kind guy. The pride he takes in his work is amazing and he really thinks of everything. Doesn't cut corners and after 32 years in the industry, there's not much that he hasn't seen. He's certified with Prochem and Sapphire.