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Aug 20, 2012
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Can you guys give me the specs on then blower belt that has such a short life span please?

Is it just made of regular belt cording just a regular belt?

I know of a company that I believe could probably provide the best belt or belts available.

But what do the dealers, techs, and Prochem say the problem is? That is a manfacturing design flaw that Prochem as big as they are have need to take responsibility and provide a free solution for the design flaw.

It's not isolated so it's there responsibility. It actually falls under s law of "merchantability of a product for a specific purpose; or fitness of goods."

How long and can it be replaced if one was to break in the middle of a job?

What is the life span of typical blower belts on other Prochem Machines or just in general.

I am just trying to help out I don't own a Prochem Peak GTS but I have looked at used ones

What is the Saffire Scientific model that is the closest match and do the SS OWNERS have the the same issue?

Also what years does it affect and is it just the GTS models. One thing important is just because they are not Chevy or Dodge the same laws apply to protect the customer.

If more were sold like as in the automotive industry. Companies such as Prochem would would have a solution before it had become a problem for the carpet cleaner/end user.

I hope I can help,
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