Prochem Legend Gt shuts down after 30 minutes of running


May 19, 2010
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todd ryan
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United States
Prochem Legend GT dies after 30 minutes of running. Replaced the fuel pump and filters.

if you let it cool off for about 20 minutes it will start back up again, but will only Ron for 30 minutes
Any suggestions would be helpful.


Randy Dockins
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Nov 12, 2008
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Randy Dockins
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United States
It could be a temp sensor shutting the machine down. That has happened on my Boxxer a few times. On my machine it's because the high pressure orifice was clogged. Since getting a water softener it's pretty much a thing of the past. It takes just a spec of hard water deposit to clog that orifice. The temp will continue to climb until about 250 degrees and then shut down. If you have a similar orifice on your machine I suggest making sure it's clear and also do a descale of the machine if you haven't done it recently. The temp sensor shuts the machine down to prevent damage in case it's over heating so that part is normal. Once the machine has cooled down it will restart. Then it will do the same thing again and again.
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