Prochem Everest efi Nissan no code shutdown


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Jan 11, 2022
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preston stioe
My Nissan a-15 prochem Everest just keeps shutting down and giving me no code from the computer. Just replaced the fuel pump and the fuel filter. Engine has 8850 hours on it. Year make is 2006. Fuel injected, always kept in great shape. Constant maintenance with oil and pump oil changes. No leaks anywhere in the unit. After the machine get warm, it starts to shut down as if someone turned the key off. Randomly though, it does sound like it is dieseling. Some days are better than others. No set time scale to when it will run or not. Every time it shuts down it is capable of starting right back up, but runs best on low speed setting. Turning to medium makes it shut off even faster. No codes when it shuts down. Talked to prochem and they still think it is a fuel issue. The old fuel pump was 17 years old. New one is only 2 days old. No one can figure what is causing these shut down. Ecu is only 10 months old. Cooling the ecu still doesn’t mitigate the problem. I am lost with what to do to this machine!!