Prochem Blazer XL Pre heater Question


Feb 6, 2009
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Hi, I have a Prochem Blazer xl with only one Cooper Preheater (front)
My question is , Can I add another Copper Preheater? O it needs to be Stainless Steel Preheater(heat exchanger??)
I'm not getting any heat and I'm guessing is because I have only one pre heater.
Thanks for all your help.


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Nov 12, 2016
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I dont have much knowledge about that machine, but it should be obvious if it has a heat exchanger.

If all it has is a pre heater, it's not going to get very hot.


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Sep 1, 2009
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ok I looked at the Manual and the copper heat exchanger is the one nearest the front of the machine. This is a LOW PRESSURE heat exchanger that heats the water to the water box. Problem with this is that if the water in the water box gets too hot, it will dump water into the waste tank to cool it down. If that is the only heat exchanger you have, then you may have one of two problems.

1. the single heat exchanger is not enough to get you hot water
2. the selinoid switch in the water box is stuck open which will continually dump water into the waste tank and you will not get hot water. (easy to determine)

The machine should also have a second heat exchanger next to the copper one and THAT one needs to be stainless steel. Reason being is that this is a HIGH PRESSURE heat exchanger. It heats the water you actually use (goes to the wand)

study the manual especially how the water flows through the machine Once you understand that, working on it will be much easier.
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