Prochem Apex GTX- Stalling out under load


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Mar 26, 2022
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Cleantek Steam Cleaning
Very weird situation, our machine will run fine until we pull trigger for solution. It idles and runs fine. We can even have machine on and throttled all the way up, block off both vacuum ports and have solution pressure maxed out, as long as the trigger is never pulled it will continue to run, however no matter the pressure setting as soon as the trigger is pulled the machine starts to bog down and will stall out. The really weird thing is we can run one or the other (vacuum or solution) with no problem as long as we don't use both at the same time which defeats the purpose lol. if anyone has any ideas what could be causing this please help, any and all ideas are welcome.

so far we have:
new spark plugs
put in new air filter
cleaned carburetor
swapped carburetor
had battery and alternator check (both good)
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