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Pro chem Peak question


May 19, 2010
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todd ryan
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United States

6 months ago I had new heads, and head gaskets put on my Peak GTX

Since having it fixed, I now keep a close eye on coolant level in the plastic reservoir.

Before we start cleaning, the coolant level reads about a inch below the full mark. After we start cleaning for a hour, the coolant level rises to the full mark and stays that way the entire day.

When the van sits overnight... the next day when we get in the coolant level is back down below the full mark. It’s behaved that way since having it fixed.

My question... Yesterday I cleaned some upholstery by myself and the temp gauge climbed higher than I like 225-230. It ran at that temperature for 30 min.

It ran fine the rest of the day, but after letting the van sit overnight... I got in it this morning and the coolant level was on the full mark in the plastic reservoir

For the past 6 months the coolant level sits below the full mark before we start our day. After running it at 225-230 temperature yesterday, the coolant level stayed on the full mark ,and did not drop after it sat overnight like it usually does.

Just wondering if any of you guys might know why the coolant level in the reservoir didn’t drop after sitting overnight like it usually does, and if you think I’ve did any damage?

Thanks in advance