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Feb 23, 2021
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Taylor Hewitt
I'd like to get everyone onboard with sharing pricing.

Locally FWB/Destin FL you CANNOT get anyone to share pricing information. We hired a few different marketing research techs last year and they struggled to find local pricing rates. I mean don't you want all of us to be on the same page so we're not underbidding and dropping rates accidentally.

At the moment we have been offered a few different jobs we'd like to take but first need to know if we're pricing accurately.

If anyone would like to help I'd greatly appreciate it!

We need a sqft cost to
-Scrub and recoat VCT
- Strip and Wax VCT

I know there are many different pieces to that puzzle lol but I'd like to know we're within a good price range.

Commercial property - Lots of traffic, medical facility
Roughly 1250ft
Scrub and recoat bi-annual
Strip and Wax annually