Predator Unleashed II +

This is one of Duane Oxley's Truck Mounts. Very simple, easy to maintain...
25 Kohler, 4005 Roots, Cat 3CP Pump, 250k BTU propane burner, continuous pumpout...700 hours and no down time attributed to machine...all down time was my fault... Richard R

I call it a + because instead of a Cat 290, it has the 3CP...........


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Mar 21, 2006
Sanford, Fl
Mine has about 2400 hours. I did replace the engine a few months ago but that could have happened on any machine. The thing i like most about it is the simplicity. I think you could keep this machine for almost as a lifetime truckmount. Just replacing parts as they go. On other complex machines I've owned you really had to debate whether to replace an engine or blower because so much was falling apart.
I like the 290 pump as it can draw water from a tank without a transfer pump.