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Mar 3, 2019
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John Cartegna
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Since this three is power sprayers...

Last year I bought a 2 gallon stainless steel Chapin industrial pump up sprayer. I heard great things and they are made to last.

Well it seems my piston chamber? is punctured/broke I can hear the air leak and obviously there is no more pressure.

In a bind, I purchased locally a plastic Chapin model for like $40. This one came with a few tips one being brass. Turns out only the maroon plastic tip seems to work well enough to either lay pre spray or protector. Don't get me wrong. I like this plastic pump up sprayer. It's actually user friendly especially with the pressure relief valve.

Until I get a hold of Chapin it's a little disappointing and frustrating about broken parts because the sprayer was around 150 bucks or so I believe.

Looking forward to learning something on this one.