Potentially run my boss's company at 23 yrs old

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Dec 3, 2022
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I (23) will have been a carpet cleaning helper for 3 years in June 2023. I work with my boss (56) who's had the business for over 18 years. He bought it off a friend who started it in '75, so it's been serving the surrounding area for a long time.

Fast forward to now, and I've learned a lot, from carpet to upholstery, hardwood, and tile cleaning. I don't know the specifics of chemistry, but I know the correct proportions to use for certain jobs. He's also put me to work alone a few times he's gone on vacation, of course, more pay, within 6 months of starting to work with him. Not to toot my own horn, but the customers liked me and my work.

His son used to work for him while he took the phone calls and scheduling, but I believe he got tired of doing it alone, and without a helper called it quits right at the pandemic outbreak. My boss knew his mistake was not giving him a helper, even though a truck-mounted system can be quicker, it gets old to do it all, and a helper makes the jobs go smoother.

His son now works where we get our chemicals. Go figure. Granted, we get discounts and free samples galore, but he wishes his son back to take the reigns and I work with him. Now, not so much.

Not until a few weeks ago, my boss asks me what my plans are with him or my career future. I'm in online school for a short time so I said until I finish I can give you an answer, and we'll see.

I tried to help him by providing an idea for marketing his business to where we can target the rich neighborhoods but he said he tried all that and thinks he won't make anything. Stuff I learned from Joe Polish, a marketing millionaire, and tactics he used for his carpet cleaning business to kick off his venture and he said no. Oh well. I think you should never think like you're the client because that hinders progress. But whatever.

I am in this dilemma and don't have a set plan. I do want to have my own business and have made a couple of bucks doing copywriting, but nothing grand.

I should think that by running his business, he would still take the calls, I'd have a helper, I'd be on a nice salary instead of hourly, and I could choose my vacation days.

Is this a good decision and should I decide on potentially owning the business in the future and putting my own spin if I'd like to expand? I am taking business classes as well as marketing classes, so I think I could pull this off.

However, I've been told by a lot of people that I may be too young, or that without experience I wouldn't be able to take over yet, but I think step by step, with trial and error, I can climb up the ladder to get to that point.

Any advice is welcome.