Possible Business Startup


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Mar 24, 2018
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Dave Miller
I've been in and out of this forum the past couple of weeks, reading, researching, studying.

I am 54, and have a full time job that pays well (70+K) but it's work-at-home as a tech writer and very unfulfilling (gov work). It's cushy and I don't get out much at all. :)

About 3 years ago I took the CC Tech course from Jon Don in Chicago but never really did anything with it. I moved to Texas less than a year later and have lived in the far north Dallas suburbs for these last two years. The growth of housing and businesses has exploded as more and more businesses make this area their home.

I've always thought that commercial CC would be the route to go, though med-higher end residential would also be in the mix. While I don't have a formal marketing and business plan yet, I do have a good idea how to get the phone to ring. Over these last few years I've been studying SEO as well as PPC, social media, and video marketing.

I have probably 6-8K to work with but I'd rather not fool with a TM. I know there are a lot of varied views on the matter (based on real-world experience) but I'm looking at a Trinity Spyder (thanks for a Chris Kelley thread and discussion), a good vacuum, a CRB, and a small portable. The spyder may be overkill right now; I don't know. I would operate out of the back of my Chevy S10 for now until I can invest in a van. My focus would be on small medical offices, senior living, funeral, lawyers, day care, essentially small businesses, that is, until I learn more about the trade.

But I also know I'll need a plan to engage business owners, drop off brochures, business cards, and possibly join an org like BNI. I already know that sales are my weak area so I'm trying to think through that issue as well.

Before launching out, I would take another course or five, and become certified. I am learning quite a bit on here but that only goes so far.

Thoughts? Thanks.