portable Sandia 80-2100


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Jan 12, 2021
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Hey, y'all I just purchased the "Sandia 80-2100 non-heated Sniper 12-Gallon" that I got on a REALLY good deal. The unit is ok, but it seems it doesn't provide enough cleaning power as the carpet sometimes is clearly still wet even after multiple dry passes with a 1.5" 25ft hose on multiple types of carpet. It cleans ok, but I wouldn't call it acceptable in the commercial business. The vacuums the Sandia 80-2100 came with was x2 10-0811-COM, 2 stage vacuum, and part# 10-0812, 100 psi Pump. This unit is almost 3 months old. All plumbing is clear inside and no blockage from what I can tell and everything in general sounds normal. The unit has honestly only been used 5 times.

The current setup is stock:
x2 10-0811-COM - 2 stage vacuum
100 psi Pump - part# 10-0812

I went ahead and purchased x2 Ametek 116765, 3 stage vacuums to upgrade the current 2 stage vacuums. Was this the right thing to do?
The 100 psi pump I'm pretty sure is underpowered for carpet cleaning and it does clean, just slowly, but I would like to upgrade it to 220+.
Should I try to get a 500psi pump? I've weighed the pros and cons of just straight-up buying a higher-end portable, but the money I paid for this because of the $1k+ savings (true statement) it was just financially better to upgrade the current 80-2100 and get much more value out of this unit.

Btw I've been doing carpet cleaning for years, just finally broke down and purchased my own cleaner. I already own a crb which helps ALOT.


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Aug 3, 2014
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If u got a good deal on what you got u could sell it, take the profit and buy a better machine. With that 100 psi pump you probably got enough vacuum power. That machine is about what I started with and cleaned many carpets for about 5 years with it. Upgrading those motors not gonna give u a lot more power, just some. I would say sell it and upgrade to the Sandia 80-3500H. This machine will give u the power and psi you want, plus heat (steam).