polish pads and compounds for my old jeep?


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Apr 24, 2018
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I've got a great survivor '96 Jeep Cherokee in Flame Red. I had a local professional detailer do some kind of cutting process a few years ago that really brought the bang back out of the color. Since the fender flares were looking worn I just finished repainting them with a rattle can base color and 2k clear coat process, and other than the orange peel they look really good. Actually they're upclassing my paint finish now so I need to get my body shine up to speed. I've got a griot's 6in polisher and other than that I need to be coached through what I need to get to give my paint a good simple polish. But I'm trying to do it cheap so just the minimum is perfectly fine. It's got a fair number of small scratches/blemishes that are just gonna stay, so I'm not looking to make anything close to perfect here.

Basically I need to know, what pads should I get and what product(s) should I use with them? I've seen some kits that might be good enough for an amateur like myself.

Also, if there's anything designed to work in colder weather please let me know. I don't see it getting warm around my area anytime soon.
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