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Please Help with Paint Stains


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Sep 12, 2016
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Cole Wuollet
A building in a local state park was vandalized with some paint and my first cleaning attempt was not successful. I used All Solv Extreme and a prespray of Grand Slam boosted with Citrusolve (there is a chance some glue was mixed in with the paint on the carpet). I also scrubbed it with a 17" showerfeed brush. The first time I hit it with the prespray I could see some paint lifting and when I wanded it lightened up, and when I went over it a second time it didn't really improve. Any thoughts on chemicals I should use/process to follow? The building supervisor is concerned with chemicals with a strong odor (I thought about using some POG). I took pictures of the paint they used and the pictures of the carpet don't show the best, but it is in a small hallway with commercial carpeting and the paint areas are fairly large. Thanks for any help, I have lurked for awhile and have learned a lot.



Aug 12, 2013
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Francis Finnerty
I had some paint stains recently looked very similar I used New Energy from newline and it worked

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Feb 14, 2006
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Tempera paint probably needs to be treated with a spot removal process rather than carpet cleaning. Work a reasonable area at a time if the stains are large and wide spread.

Alternate All Solv Xtreme and Avenge Pro. All Solv Xtreme helps disolve the paint while the Avenge Pro lifts out the pigments when they separate from the carrier.

Apply ASE, work into the carpet, blot up any paint that has dissolved. Then Apply Avenge Pro. Work into a foam. You should see pigments (color) in the foam. Wipe this off and continue with AP as long as you see any color coming out in the foam. Alternate back and forth.

You can get additional information from the Spot & Stain guide on the Interlink Supply website or you can download my spot and stain app from Google or Apple.
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