Pet urine Odor and stain remover similar to P.U.R.T from Chemdry


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Jan 17, 2020
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Mohaddeseh Valikhani
Hi there

I recently had my carpets and couch treated with PURT from Chemdry and the person sprayed it (not soaked due to my financial restrictions) and it was just left to dry.

i think it has done a great job but wanted to purchase a product for myself so I can use it around the house if needed and for carpet/rugs in other rooms.

I did some research and it seems products Such as Hydramaster Multiphase USR or PetZone are similar powdered products that work via oxidation rather than enzyme based products.

My question is would I be able to use these products as leave in as well without having to go and actually get a carpet cleaner that draws the liquid out? Obviously this would be dependent on how much you soak the areas etc. I don’t have any special tools for sub surface extraction so want something as easy as possible. If these products are not suitable are there any that are? Are there any products that are BETTER? I’ve seen things like odorcide as well.

Any guidance and advice would be much appreciated!!