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Kevin Dumas

Well-Known Member
Aug 31, 2008
Binghamton, NY
Real Name
Kevin Dumas
Had to walk on one today.
Customer on vacation. Opened kitchen door with the hidden key (what thief would not look under the door mat for a key)?
Cat urine smell would knock your socks off as you opened the door and I had to go through the kitchen, up a flight of stairs, down a hall, through another room to get to the effected back room.
Pulled the carpet, jute back soaked brown. Under the pad the floor and tackless was black.

Oh, the kitty had a little accident. For how many years?
How can people live like this?
If a cat did that in my house I'd be walking it to the woods with a chambered bullet.
Nov 14, 2011
Real Name
robert harrington
Business Location
United States
I have literally thrown up on the carpet in front of the customer. I said sorry don't worry carpet cleaners are the only people that have the perk of snot rockets and throw up.

This place was nasty and the elderly homeowners had no idea they were living in filth. I got a tip on that job too.