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P&G Lineup.........seems good so far !


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Jan 27, 2013
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Richard C. Davidson

My local distributor just added this lineup of product and the pricing is crazy. I'm not a PRICE shopper normally, I would rather pay more if I had to, and get quality results, but dang, I had to try the product just out of curiosity, thinking that who has more research money than P&G, and thought their technology may possibly show up in this product line, and I am VERY happy with it so far

Tannin Spotter is only .1628 per RTU oz

Enzyme Spotter is only .4376 RTU per oz

I REALLY liked their Extractor/Sanitizer as well, but with a high PH of 12, it is only good for commercial carpet.......but it took the grease out of some restaraunt booths the other day that made me stand back and think "HOW".

I bought some of their protector as well, that RTU is about .05 per sq ft, but have not had an opportunity to try it.

Not endorsing them, not quite yet.........time tells all truths, but my initial impression was that I found a new commercial carpet product that is highly functional.

Just my 2 cents,