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The echo 17 performed great. Using a revive fiber plus pad 100% encap i learned to pick back the echo to start because the torq will whip the handle out of your hand very powerful 1 1/2 motor.I like the lever location for handle location. I dont think you need the weight kit it compares to the grumpy. Ive never been a Mytee fan and think they have improved on quality at least with the echo 17 pro .Noise is good for inhouse cleaning i didnt get any complaints in apt. complex cleaning on a Sat.The price point package $2399.00 free shipping cotton , micro fiber and fiber plus pads with 2 gallons of Awsome with free shipping.


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Do you like Eco 17 more than the Vibe ?

I'm using my 13'' 175-300 more and more to extract. I CRB first. I tried to use my Challenger today in a old house and the floor and walls were shaking. I stopped brought in my 13''. No problem.

For the first time today I used NanoMAX at 4 oz and Omega Citrus 4 oz. Carpet was nice and soft when done.

Beige frieze poly bad traffic lanes loaded with pet hair but came out beautiful. Nothing like a CRB for those jobs. I vacuumed first and still got tons of hair out with the CRB.
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