Orbot Vibe or CRB 15"


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Sep 25, 2018
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Javier Rodriguez
Hey everyone, before I ask my first question here in this Forum I want to thank everybody for sharing your knowledge and experience in this field. For someone like me who is just starting in the carpet and floor cleaning your advice is very helpful.
I just started doing apartment turnover cleaning (1,2 and 3 bedrooms) at this moment I only use my vacuum and a small Oreck.
I want to get a machine that can do both, carpet and tile cleaning, so I was looking into the Orbot Vibe and also a 15" CRB. I can only get one to start with. I would really appreciate if you can give me some advice on what machine you think it would be better for the work that I do, or if you recommend a different machine also.
Ok, thanks again and all of your comments are welcome.

smart n kleen

Smart N Kleen
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Mar 12, 2010
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The sprayer mounted OP machine like a vibe will be your best value all around. Way down the line when you have money to burn for some reason, buy the crb. The Oreck in the right hands is one hellava machine in its own right IMO.
I like the Oreck also but I use it for stairs only. My Cimex machines cover much more area quickly than the Oreck.